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Welcome to The Koi Shop (previously known as Major's Water Lilys and Fish). We are located east of Kaysville, Utah.  We are a home based business with over 30 years experience in water gardening and fish rearing (1975 our first pond and goldfish) and over 20 years of koi keeping (1987 our first koi). 

Our beautiful fish are priced at affordable prices.  There is no reason to not have beautiful koi in your pond!  We have American Standard Fin, Butterfly Longfin Koi Carp and a limited supply of Dragon Carp.  Sometimes goldfish are available.  Our fish are healthy and have been treated for bacteria and parasites while in quarantine.

We ship via UPS overnight.  Your fish are delivered to your door safely. 

We guarantee live arrival of your fish.

We accept cash, money orders, paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express

If you are local you can pick up your fish.  We do not accept paypal for local pickup orders.  There are no extra fees for local pickup.  You must make an appointment to view our fish or to pickup fish.


Dragon Carp
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Longfin Butterfly Koi Carp
American Standard Fin Koi

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Our fish are fat and sassy and ready for your pond!

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